Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just a Little Bit of Easter

So after having a sick little boy last week, we went out of town for Easter to visit some family. Any escape from the Desert is welcome. Any excuse to visit Family is eagerly anticipated ;)

And now, while the Babes are down I should be...cleaning/workingout/being..intellectual?/sleeping...you know, Stuff, instead with a plate Full o' French Fries (that I shouldn't eat, but I'm gonna!) I'm here. Because I've missed the Blog World these past few crazy days!

So, while I didn't get any really truly *good* pictures of Easter Outfits...here's what I got ;)

Am I the only one happy on Easter? Apparently so... ;)  So, not too bad a pic, eh?

Well, we had to take a few to get that one..namely because of my son wanting to do this, the whole time.

And I bet I know what you're thinking... "Hey that's not too bad either! Way to go, Mama! You Rock!" (Hey, it's my pretend Reader Dialogue, I'm making it up as I go ;)

And here's what it took to get that shot....
Yes, that would my Protesting Daughter

And my, "Im not gonna cooperate Daughter..nope
not gonna make me!"
Note to self: Baby Girl needs Bloomers!
(Btw, she was mad at having the Meanest Mommy in the World who would not let her walk straight into the Pool. Oh the Terribleness of Mama! ;))

Awwwww, now here's a winner! Happy Family celebrating Happy Easter. Happy, Happy, Hap...

Duuuuuh, I'm making dis face...and we're missing the Hubster's head

This about sums it up, folks!
And as always, For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Dress: Bailey 44 (Anthropology...it was a pretty penny, but it's so pretty, and comfy, and EASY!)
Shoes: Franco Sarto (Zulily deal)
Accessories: Baby Girl and Little Boy
Wrangler-Upper: That Handsome Fella...aka the Hubster

More to come! I hope you all celebrated a wonderful Easter! And I'll say it again, because it is the Good News that never gets old: He is Risen!

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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