Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maxin' Out..the Dress Version

So, my house made it to "Clean" before the fam arrived (insert frazzled sigh of relief...here) So besides laughter, hugs, and a whole lotta food, what does Fam mean? It means THREE days of complete privacy in the bathroom for this Mama! (Things only another Mama could truly appreciate it, eh? ;) It also meant three days of More Put Together Outfits. (Because, lets face it, I try harder when other people are gonna see me ha!)

This also meant my pics had to be sneaky and realquick because no one-outside the Hubster...and well, you guys- know about this Bloggy Venture ;)

So with the weather already warming up to Unbearable I am breaking out the easy, flowy things in my closet.
A little Boho and Coral, anyone?

I call this pose Deer in the Headlights..maybe due to the Pointy Rock I chose to sit on? Perhaps?

Seriously, who sits with their hands folded like that? Apparently...me...sigh

But, I was really pleased with my braided bangs!

With no Littles to distract me, I am forced to acknowledge The Camera ;)
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Dress: MUDD (kohls) I know...I know...Jr.'s Dept...No excuses..
Sandals: Bongo (Kmart)
Bangle: Gift from my Mom

(I tend to do bare minimum in the Accessories Dept when the weather gets hot..why add more things to sweat through, eh?)

So until next time, Lots of Love!

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  1. darling dress! always love a good maxi dress!

  2. You know what, don't feel bad. I've bought things from the GIRL's section before! Buy what you like and what's affordable...cause we all know younger clothes are cheaper! You look fab, lady!

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