I would like to tell you that this would just be a "Picture Blog". That I would snap my attempts of Put-Togetherness for all of Blog World (and hopefully some like-minds). That I would submit to the knowledge of Crazy-Busy-Life-in-General and keep things short, sweet, and simple.

And, Readers (future friends, I hope), I can assure you that I will try.

But my name is Abby, and when it comes to writing I can be a bit of a "talker", yet  I will still try. And I hope you will stay with me, laugh with me, commiserate with me and be patient with me, as I'm learning the ropes.

I am oh-so new to this whole adventure. This blog could also be called "(Humble)Dime a (Fabulous) Dozen" because I am in awe of how many wonderful and witty and truly stylish women there are out there (and how much I have to learn from all of you!). So, I hope you don't mind if this Wife and Stay-at-Home-Mama of two Little Darlings pulls up a shy little chair and joins in on the conversation at the Cool Table.

I am from Big City, Texas who now lives In the Middle of Nowhere, California (Yes, such a thing exists). I can thank that good-lookin' fellow up there for that one. I may have learned to adjust to Life Without Target (Yes, such a thing can exist) and other woefully absent niceties, but I refuse to give up style (Why hello, Internet Shopping...)

I may take some things seriously: My Family, My Friends, my Cup O' Morning French Vanilla Creamer with the essence of coffee, and most importantly My Faith in Jesus Christ and His saving Grace.

But, I don't take myself, or fashion too seriously, and I love laughing about my foibles and learning and growing from them (Yes, I was the girl in Jr. High who wore hot pink floral Hawaiian draw string pants and a completely different neon Hawaiian shirt...at the same time. But they were both Hawaiian, so it works, right? *shakes head in shame*) But I've come a long way from those days.

And I have to give credit where credit is due. I probably would not have had the courage or the enthusiasm to even attempt this adventure without the kind and generous help of Shana from Aint No Mom Jeans. Those ladies over there are beyond encouraging and from their blog, from their insight, and their candidness, I learned that Motherhood did not equate Sweat Pants and Nursing Tanks Forever!

Because even though these Little Darlings are my best accessories, it's nice to break out (and rock) a fab red shoe.

So here I am. I'm Abby, here are my clothes, and my life, on my "Yay! I feel put together!" days..and even on my "Not so put together" days. ;)

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