Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Connecting the Dots

This could also be called Trend Alert!! But all that really means  is Trend "This trend has been around for a while but I'm just now getting brave enough to try it" Alert!

My cobalt skinnies? Yeah, colored jeans had been on the radar for what, maybe a year..more?..before I jumped on that rainbow band wagon (And I am SO happy I did)

So now I'm dabbling in patterned denim. I was originally looking for a more "classic" subtle dotted jean..but all the one I saw were low rise. And low rise just isn't for me anymore. Mid to High rise are all I'm going for these days. So when Gap had a crazy sale I daringly ordered them.

Opinion? When I first opened them up I swear I was going to have a panic many "bold" dots! Then...when I put them on....magic happened...and...I...loved...them! I actually found myself saying that they felt "sophisticated". Am I nuts folks? 

The fit is perfect and the dots aren't as "in your face crazy" as I first imagined them to be. The only thing I am still getting used to is the "skimmer" length. Or "High-water" as this length was called back in my day ha!

I just purposefully shelled out money for High-Water Jeans....

But I'm getting used to it..and feel very Audrey Hepburn-ish, and that's ALWAYS a good thing :)

So, tired of my ramblings yet? Let's get to the goods!

I'm also planning out outfits for my "weekend getaway" easy breezy stylish outfit for the airport and some mix and match outfits for the weekend. Here's what I was thinking for the flight. Thoughts?

Hubster: Why is your shirt half-tucked in with no belt?

Me: You think I need a belt?

Here you go!
Hubster:'s leopard..with dots?? I don't get it..
Me: It's a thing, "mixing prints, ya know"
H: Well alot of things were "the thing" in the 80's too...
Me: Hush..
But seriously, folks, I am kind of on the fence with mixing prints. My only attempts thus far have been pretty subtle. Does this work? Be honest now...don't send this gal through the airport lookin' all crazy!

And for when it gets a bit chilly (Because my Southern Blood can't handle anything colder that 75) A little Fleece Moto Jacket..though I'm not sure it works with the shoes...sigh..

Then again...maybe..
And these jeans aren't just good for standing around..they held up perfectly in lounging around with my Little Miss.

And For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: Pea in the Pod Maternity (still wear 'em, still love 'em!)
Jeans: 1969 Gap Skimmers
Belt: J.Crew (Thank you Christmas Elves!)
Shoes: The "Ellen" Vince Camuto (My fav flats...ever..)
Moto Jacket: Modcloth

I'm also thinking pairing the jeans with my Trusty Chambray and Ankle Booties for the flight..we'll see

I'd love your thoughts! How would you style these jeans?

Until next time, Lots of Love!!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

So..Blogging this week..FAIL! I am so sorry...It was just one of those weeks. I was struck with a never-want-it-again sinus headache for the first part of the week. My son was also sick. And somehow my daughter still managed to survive us both. 

So I looked the part of Functioning Death for the majority of this week and thought I would spare you all. You can thank me by forgiving my absence from Blog World ;) 

But was MUCH better. We were actually on track to make it to church on time (you can pick your jaws up off the ground ;), we were loading the kiddos up, my hubster and I mentally high-fiving ourselves for accomplishing this Feat of Impossibility wheeeeennnnnnnn.....our neighbor stopped to have a chat. And chat. Annnnnnd chat. I am not sure if he didn't realize we were trying to get to church, or maybe he thought we just liked to get all dolled up for Denny's..either way...

But I'm not complaining, because this neighbor has also been working in triple digit heat to repair our shared fence (lest you think my Hubster is a slacker..this very generous neighbor decided to do it while my Hubster was at work..I'm not sure why. But, I am ever-grateful!)

And if returning a bit of generosity in some friendly neighbor chatter means we are late to church, then, by all means, we are late to church. 

But...we would've been there on time....just so you know ;)

Now, enough of MY chatter! Here's what I wore Sunday!

This skirt. This skirt I love. This top. This top I love. The two together? Love. (Anyone else feeling like I am writing a fashion version of See Jane Run??)

But...why do I love it so much? Because, it is light and airy and just flows. It seriously make me happy!

Anyone else walk with one arm by their ear? Just me? ;)

But seriously...check that out! (The skirt, mind you ha!)
And for those just interested in the accessories:

I went Plum and Gold with my make-up for this and then pretty simple with the jewelry. When my top has an interesting neckline I usually don't like to wear a necklace. I feel it takes away from the top and is just "too much"..but that's just me.

The earrings, I went with aqua danglers
But really, for me, this outfit is the skirt. It just so comfortable, so easy does this:

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: Marshalls (I think it was 12 bucks, score!)
Skirt: BB Dakota (Hautelook deal, score!)
Earrings: Francesca's
Bracelets: Gift from my Mom
Shoes: Not...really..featured...hmmmm...well, if anyone wants to imagine, they were a low-wedge gold and strappy :)

Also, this next weekend I am flying. By myself. Translation? Travelling without kiddos!! Ummm I don't even know if I remember how to do that! I can bring a book AND read it! I can wear cute clothes and KEEP them cute! Heck, I could take a nap on the plane..oooooh the possibilities!

But, this also means, my first time away from the kiddos over night, let alone for 4 days! Truth be told, I'm a little nervous. I already am missing them. I know they are in good hands with the Hubster..but Mama won't be there...

I am praying it all goes well. I am travelling across country to visit a dear friend of mine who had a baby a few weeks ago...and for this short trip, it just makes more sense (with time and money) for just myself to go.

But...if anyone can spare a prayer or two for me, I'd sure appreciate it ;)

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

On Mother's Day! I love that I am blessed to be able to celebrate this day as a Mother. It's not an easy gig, but it is priceless and worth every cost, every wiped bum, every dirty room, every worry turned to prayer. It is worth a Post-Baby-Body and peanut butter on my clothes. It is worth sticky messes, sticky fingers, and sticky kisses. It is worth crumbs under my table, a broken plate-or two, and the forgotten memory of uninterrupted sleep.

Because what I gain...what I gain is immeasurable. What I learn is invaluable. The love I have is unfathomable.

And so I wrap my arms, and my heart, around my Two Little Loves, my two hearts, and I am thankful. So very thankful. I am blessed to be their Mama.

I asked my son to show Daddy Mama's eyes (because I always tell him he has my eyes)
and this is what we got ;)

I'd like to point out he picked out his own tie. Love it!

 I LOVE this dress..if I could live in it..I just might ;) It is like wearing a long T-shirt. I went a bit more "bronzy" with the make-up.

One of the many facets of being a Mama? Becoming the Human Jungle Jim ;)

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Dress: Heaven...umm, I mean, BCBG (I think??) (Scored for cheap at marshalls a couple years ago)
Shoes: Yes, I'm wearing them..they just aren't really visible ha!
Necklace: Made by Mom :)

Wishing you all a wonderful (relaxing??) Mother's Day!

I'm off to watch some Dr. Who with the Hunbster while the kiddos are down....I can't believe I'm a Who-Fan. I guess that's what happens when you've been married almost a decade :)

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gingham? Check!

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.. Hi, I'm Abby-have we met? ha!

So, remember the long weekend with the Fam? Three glorious days of a house extra-full of love, this Mama getting to shut the door while Nature Called, AND putting together Put-Together Outfits (instead of wkout pants and a know, like I' sigh ;)

Well, here was my Day Two of  "Hi, I"m actually not afraid to be seen by the masses!" Outfit! know..a Mama has to make time to casually lean
against a house now and then..dontcha think? ;)
 (btw, by a show of hands...who else is squinting due to the glaring brightness that is our Desert Sun? I promise you I'm not scowling...I'm just trying not to have my eyes scorched ha!) 'bout that..better?..except now it looks as if I have no feet!

I don't get That Face (the-I'm-about-to-fall-off-so-hurry-take-the-picture-face)
But, at least you can see the outfit, yes?
So, in growing my hair out I have been trying different ways to style it (After almost a decade of having a short cut..I'm outta practice!)

SO here is my attempt to make a Pony more interesting: a little bit teased and side swept in the front...

Annnnd a double Pony in the I can see a bit of tweaking probably needs to be done. But overall I think I like it! Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm allllllll ears!

And, here's my outfit in The Real World (because, I only have so much time (all of 3 minutes, maybe?) to play Pretend Model (haha!)
Juggling Sippy Cup, Coffee Cup and amusing This Little Girl :)

My Son, loving Nature!
And there you have it folks!

For Curious Mind Who May Want to Know
Gingham shirt: Mossimo (Goodwill 2$, score!)
Neckalce: Made by my Mom (score..on the necklace AND having the best Mom ever!)
Jeans: Levi's Mid-rise (cuffed by me) MY FAVORITE PAIR of JEANS EVER!
Shoes: Cheapies from Kmart

Until Next Time, Lots of Love!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

 What? We were on time to church today? But, we were so so so so so so SO close it might as well have been on time. I think there needs to be an "On Time"-without kids, and an "On Time"-with kids. Dontcha think?

SOoooooooo, this dress. I am SOooooooo excited about this dress! I was recently introduced to a (dangerously) fabulous shopping site called Dangerous, I tell you. Well it just so happened that I plucked up the courage and took the plunge when their Stylish Surprise came around.

What's a Stylish Surprise? Well you pay $15 (which I love) plus shipping (which I hate) and you are guaranteed to receive an item worth $30-$300.

It was seriously like Christmas! I was so nervous wondering what they would send me. Would I like it? Would I get a really expensive item?

And finally, when I opened up the box and saw this I was SO thrilled! I love mustard (the color and the condiment ha!) And I love the sweet, girly style of this dress. And I love that it originally sold for over a $100! Score!

I do love channeling a bit of a vintage vibe!
 For Those Just Interested in the Accessories ;) Also, I'm wearing lipstick! Bright red(ish) lipstick! I never thought I would be a red(ish) lipstick girl...but maybe I am? Whaddya think?

(Either way, can I just say, it makes my teeth look so white..if nothing else I love it just for that ha!)

And I played with Plum toned eyeshadow...

So, bear with me..these next two pictures are blurry...but this dress be twirled. And I just couldn't help myself :)

I highly recommend starting your day off with a good ol' really did make me happy ;)

I love the movement of this dress! However...I must say..this dress is not made for a windy day, or any day with any hint of movement in the air. I may or may not have shown my skivvies when a gust (or flutter) of wind blew by while I was busy with the kids...sigh...

But...I still love the dress ;)

And For Curious Minds Who May Want To Know:
Dress: Modcloth
Necklace: Random shop in Flagstaff, Az
Bracelets: Nordstroms (Jr. Dept...yes, I know...)
Shoes: Mossimo (4$, Goodwill, brand new, score!)

I hope you all have a Fabulous, Twirly, Sunday! Any Amazing Race fans out there? It's finale night! Who are you rooting for? I'm still not sure who I want to win...

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Until next time, give it a twirl, and Lots of Love!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Loose Interpretation

C/O Pinterest
 I saw this dress on a random late-night-I'm-up-way-too-late-why-am-I-still-up-? internet browse-fest. (Pinterest, you are all kinds of evil...and wonderfulness ;)

I surprised myself with how much I LOVED the color combination of mint and pink. I didn't find it too Cotton Candy. I really really loved the fresh feel of these colors together!

And so, I put my own spin on it (because as much as I love that dress and would wear it in a heartbeat..and wish I owned really doesn't lend to chasing two kiddos ;)

So, here's my (loose) interpretation of it.
Time to break out the lotion and get a tan on those legs! Eek!

My Little Miss wanted in on the action ;)
Thoughts? Yes? Truth be told, I think the shoes may be a bit "off" with the black..I really would love a pair of grey or khaki colored sneaks in my closet..but these will have to do in the meantime :)

And For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Mint Tank: Target
Pink Shorts: J.Crew Factory
Grey (vest? what is this item called anyway?): Marshalls
Sneaks: Converse
Bangles: Mom
Necklace: Etsy

(Aint No Mom Jeans and Life in Mod this is how I wore it....again ha! Thanks for the fun :)

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Until next time, Lots of Love!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maxin' Out..the Dress Version

So, my house made it to "Clean" before the fam arrived (insert frazzled sigh of So besides laughter, hugs, and a whole lotta food, what does Fam mean? It means THREE days of complete privacy in the bathroom for this Mama! (Things only another Mama could truly appreciate it, eh? ;) It also meant three days of More Put Together Outfits. (Because, lets face it, I try harder when other people are gonna see me ha!)

This also meant my pics had to be sneaky and realquick because no one-outside the Hubster...and well, you guys- know about this Bloggy Venture ;)

So with the weather already warming up to Unbearable I am breaking out the easy, flowy things in my closet.
A little Boho and Coral, anyone?

I call this pose Deer in the Headlights..maybe due to the Pointy Rock I chose to sit on? Perhaps?

Seriously, who sits with their hands folded like that?

But, I was really pleased with my braided bangs!

With no Littles to distract me, I am forced to acknowledge The Camera ;)
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Dress: MUDD (kohls) I know...I know...Jr.'s Dept...No excuses..
Sandals: Bongo (Kmart)
Bangle: Gift from my Mom

(I tend to do bare minimum in the Accessories Dept when the weather gets hot..why add more things to sweat through, eh?)

So until next time, Lots of Love!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Glimpses

Most of my days I am caught up in the Now, in the Today, in the Laundry, and Diapers, the Messes and the Clean-ups. I am busy in Play-Dough, and Coloring and the Day-to-Day Busyness.

But every so often I get little glimpses, snapshots of the Future. These glimpses are always so bittersweet.

This afternoon was just such an occasion.

My children were finishing up their afternoon snack and we had the music going and my Son asked to dance with me. And so, his little hand in mine we danced around the kitchen. His Big Brown Eyes smiling up at me and telling me "I love dancing with loo, Mommy". And my heart smiled back and I told him that I loved dancing with him too.

Our dance turned into a Waltz as the song changed...and I found myself tearing up because, I saw this Little Boy, trying so hard to match his steps with mine, grown and in a Tuxedo- effortlessly leading me around the dance floor on his Wedding Day.

And then I looked down again, tears still threatening to spill, and I smiled as I once again saw my Little Boy just as he is. My Little Boy. His voice still Little, his hands still Little, his wonder and his heart so very very Big.

Bittersweet though they are, I love these spontaneous Glimpses. They remind me to pray for the Future, and trust God will lead and guide my children. And they remind me to hold these moments, these Todays, while they are still Little.

Because one day, it will be These Days that are my Little Glimpses.

I will forever cherish our Waltz Around the Kitchen, with his giggling and enthusiasm, and me beaming with joy. And on that Day, when I will look up to find a Young Man, I hope he knows that I will still see that Little Boy who once looked up at me with Big Brown Smiling Eyes.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Long and the Short of It

 Yes? Amen? I hear ya?! (I know this isn't probably the first time you've seen this little Bit O' Funny, but it doesn't make it any less true ;) Annnnnd such has been my week. I've got family coming in...ummm...tomorrow (YAY!) and my house still looks like...well we need not go into details. But it ain't pretty!

So, should I be trying to remedy that problem..maybe tackle the growing Laundry Blob Monster on my couch, or perhaps scrub out the dried yogurt off my floor (that been there I'm-not-admitting-number-of-days) Perhaps..Yes...But no. Instead I have...Pink Shorts!

And I Love Them! This season I have had Pink on the brain (the color not the singer ;) and thanks to Good Ol' Christmas Elves giving me a nice Ol' J.Crew Gift card I think I have finally found my perfect Short.

I am not even going to discuss Shorty-Shorts. Not Gonna Happen. Ever. And I've tried the Long Shorts (I have a couple 7" in my drawers) I wear them, but I don't love them. I don't feel they look good on me. Or maybe it's just me. No, it's the shorts. It's gotta be the shorts ;)

But, I think I have found my length, The 5"! I feel (age?!) Appropriate but still Stylish in these. And the color just makes me giddy!

Yes, the picture is dark..but my legs look "more tan" ha!
 Otherwise you get..this..(You may need sunglasses due to the jarring glare)
"Hi, my legs haven't seen Sun in, oh, 5 Months...annnd I'm falling over"

 And for Those Just Interested in the Accessories ;)
Blurry Picture, you say? Well lets just see if I can't fix that...
Better?...No? Hmmm, shouldn't there be an App for that?
(and better yet, shouldn't I actually have the technology FOR those apps?)

I do love the Pink Shorts..but, it's the Pink Blur that is my Daughter
that gets the real smiles :)

And that Little Jumping Red Bean too ;)
And there you have it, folks! I liked the idea of pairing the longer tunic with the Shorter (but not Shorty) Shorts. (I tried the tunic with Capris and all it managed to do was make me look like I was wearing clothes that had shrunk in the dryer)

And For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Tunic: Coldwater Creek (via Goodwill $2 plus cost of alterations)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory
Wedges: Aerosoles (Old, Marshalls)
Bangles: Forever 21

Now I'm going to ignore the Disaster that is My House and hope the Cleaning Fairies (or Cinderella's mice) come while I sleep. (Stranger things have happened??)

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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