Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gingham? Check!

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.. Hi, I'm Abby-have we met? ha!

So, remember the long weekend with the Fam? Three glorious days of a house extra-full of love, this Mama getting to shut the door while Nature Called, AND putting together Put-Together Outfits (instead of wkout pants and a know, like I' sigh ;)

Well, here was my Day Two of  "Hi, I"m actually not afraid to be seen by the masses!" Outfit! know..a Mama has to make time to casually lean
against a house now and then..dontcha think? ;)
 (btw, by a show of hands...who else is squinting due to the glaring brightness that is our Desert Sun? I promise you I'm not scowling...I'm just trying not to have my eyes scorched ha!) 'bout that..better?..except now it looks as if I have no feet!

I don't get That Face (the-I'm-about-to-fall-off-so-hurry-take-the-picture-face)
But, at least you can see the outfit, yes?
So, in growing my hair out I have been trying different ways to style it (After almost a decade of having a short cut..I'm outta practice!)

SO here is my attempt to make a Pony more interesting: a little bit teased and side swept in the front...

Annnnd a double Pony in the I can see a bit of tweaking probably needs to be done. But overall I think I like it! Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm allllllll ears!

And, here's my outfit in The Real World (because, I only have so much time (all of 3 minutes, maybe?) to play Pretend Model (haha!)
Juggling Sippy Cup, Coffee Cup and amusing This Little Girl :)

My Son, loving Nature!
And there you have it folks!

For Curious Mind Who May Want to Know
Gingham shirt: Mossimo (Goodwill 2$, score!)
Neckalce: Made by my Mom (score..on the necklace AND having the best Mom ever!)
Jeans: Levi's Mid-rise (cuffed by me) MY FAVORITE PAIR of JEANS EVER!
Shoes: Cheapies from Kmart

Until Next Time, Lots of Love!

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  1. I love the subtle print mixing in this outfit. So cute! Thanks for linking up!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. Thanks for havin' me! And thanks for noticing my mix of prints ha! (I'm slowly trying to figure out this trend ;)

  2. Aww your kids are so cute - and I love the gingham! Such a fun spring pattern. Thanks so much for linking up with me!

    1. Thanks for letting me join the fun :) You ladies are great hostesses with style sense to boot!