Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maxin' Out..the Dress Version

So, my house made it to "Clean" before the fam arrived (insert frazzled sigh of relief...here) So besides laughter, hugs, and a whole lotta food, what does Fam mean? It means THREE days of complete privacy in the bathroom for this Mama! (Things only another Mama could truly appreciate it, eh? ;) It also meant three days of More Put Together Outfits. (Because, lets face it, I try harder when other people are gonna see me ha!)

This also meant my pics had to be sneaky and realquick because no one-outside the Hubster...and well, you guys- know about this Bloggy Venture ;)

So with the weather already warming up to Unbearable I am breaking out the easy, flowy things in my closet.
A little Boho and Coral, anyone?

I call this pose Deer in the Headlights..maybe due to the Pointy Rock I chose to sit on? Perhaps?

Seriously, who sits with their hands folded like that? Apparently...me...sigh

But, I was really pleased with my braided bangs!

With no Littles to distract me, I am forced to acknowledge The Camera ;)
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Dress: MUDD (kohls) I know...I know...Jr.'s Dept...No excuses..
Sandals: Bongo (Kmart)
Bangle: Gift from my Mom

(I tend to do bare minimum in the Accessories Dept when the weather gets hot..why add more things to sweat through, eh?)

So until next time, Lots of Love!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Glimpses

Most of my days I am caught up in the Now, in the Today, in the Laundry, and Diapers, the Messes and the Clean-ups. I am busy in Play-Dough, and Coloring and the Day-to-Day Busyness.

But every so often I get little glimpses, snapshots of the Future. These glimpses are always so bittersweet.

This afternoon was just such an occasion.

My children were finishing up their afternoon snack and we had the music going and my Son asked to dance with me. And so, his little hand in mine we danced around the kitchen. His Big Brown Eyes smiling up at me and telling me "I love dancing with loo, Mommy". And my heart smiled back and I told him that I loved dancing with him too.

Our dance turned into a Waltz as the song changed...and I found myself tearing up because, I saw this Little Boy, trying so hard to match his steps with mine, grown and in a Tuxedo- effortlessly leading me around the dance floor on his Wedding Day.

And then I looked down again, tears still threatening to spill, and I smiled as I once again saw my Little Boy just as he is. My Little Boy. His voice still Little, his hands still Little, his wonder and his heart so very very Big.

Bittersweet though they are, I love these spontaneous Glimpses. They remind me to pray for the Future, and trust God will lead and guide my children. And they remind me to hold these moments, these Todays, while they are still Little.

Because one day, it will be These Days that are my Little Glimpses.

I will forever cherish our Waltz Around the Kitchen, with his giggling and enthusiasm, and me beaming with joy. And on that Day, when I will look up to find a Young Man, I hope he knows that I will still see that Little Boy who once looked up at me with Big Brown Smiling Eyes.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Long and the Short of It

 Yes? Amen? I hear ya?! (I know this isn't probably the first time you've seen this little Bit O' Funny, but it doesn't make it any less true ;) Annnnnd such has been my week. I've got family coming in...ummm...tomorrow (YAY!) and my house still looks like...well we need not go into details. But it ain't pretty!

So, should I be trying to remedy that problem..maybe tackle the growing Laundry Blob Monster on my couch, or perhaps scrub out the dried yogurt off my floor (that been there I'm-not-admitting-number-of-days) Perhaps..Yes...But no. Instead I have...Pink Shorts!

And I Love Them! This season I have had Pink on the brain (the color not the singer ;) and thanks to Good Ol' Christmas Elves giving me a nice Ol' J.Crew Gift card I think I have finally found my perfect Short.

I am not even going to discuss Shorty-Shorts. Not Gonna Happen. Ever. And I've tried the Long Shorts (I have a couple 7" in my drawers) I wear them, but I don't love them. I don't feel they look good on me. Or maybe it's just me. No, it's the shorts. It's gotta be the shorts ;)

But, I think I have found my length, The 5"! I feel (age?!) Appropriate but still Stylish in these. And the color just makes me giddy!

Yes, the picture is dark..but my legs look "more tan" ha!
 Otherwise you get..this..(You may need sunglasses due to the jarring glare)
"Hi, my legs haven't seen Sun in, oh, 5 Months...annnd I'm falling over"

 And for Those Just Interested in the Accessories ;)
Blurry Picture, you say? Well lets just see if I can't fix that...
Better?...No? Hmmm, shouldn't there be an App for that?
(and better yet, shouldn't I actually have the technology FOR those apps?)

I do love the Pink Shorts..but, it's the Pink Blur that is my Daughter
that gets the real smiles :)

And that Little Jumping Red Bean too ;)
And there you have it, folks! I liked the idea of pairing the longer tunic with the Shorter (but not Shorty) Shorts. (I tried the tunic with Capris and all it managed to do was make me look like I was wearing clothes that had shrunk in the dryer)

And For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Tunic: Coldwater Creek (via Goodwill $2 plus cost of alterations)
Shorts: J. Crew Factory
Wedges: Aerosoles (Old, Marshalls)
Bangles: Forever 21

Now I'm going to ignore the Disaster that is My House and hope the Cleaning Fairies (or Cinderella's mice) come while I sleep. (Stranger things have happened??)

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Annnnd I'm late. I know..but I do have an excuse note, does that help? I tried, I really really tried to get this post out on time yesterday. But I couldn't. It was just too busy. (And I realize that every other person got their post out on time...so, my excuse is kind of sad ha!) After church, I convinced the Hubster to "Hurry, can we take some outfit pics realquick?" To which he complied, he's such a good sport! (My son had Wooden Car Derby Races after church..it was his first time and he had SUCH a blast!)

I had all sorts of "Potential Pose Ideas" I wanted to try. Did I get any of them? No...

The Aforementioned Hurry of a Day didn't allow for Creativity. Though I did manage to get out a...Red Stool. (That was mostly due to the White Jeans Paranoia)

SO, as I'm sure you all wanted to hear that..how about I end this jibber-jabber and get on with What I Wore  Sunday!

Mama, "Ok kiddos, lets take a picture with Mama!"

So, this outfit was inspired by This post about lace tops and This post about mint and red.

I have actually had this lace top in my closet for years..but it has always remained in the back of my closet. Until I saw the Aint No Mom Jeans post on lace tops. I had high hopes of trying it with a cropped jacket, but our thermometer has reached 100...so even the thought of jackets is banished.

So instead, I layered it over a mint-colored tank and paired it with red. (And White Jeans)
Why yes, these shoes make me smile

My Little Boy wanted some extra snuggles,
I will never say "no" to that!

For those just interested in the accessories ;)
(The bracelet is actually a necklace that I looped)

Just because...

A little keyhole in the back? Don't mind if I do

And there you have it, folks! Sorry I'm late, I hope I can still join the party ;)

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Lace top: Too old to remember, but the tag says "Fluerish" (??)
Mint tank: Target
White Jeans: Lucky Brand (I would like these jeans better if they didn't stretch out so much throughout the day causing the Saggy-looking Tushy Syndrome)
Coral-Neckalce-used-as-bracelet: Gift
Shoes: Carlos by Carlos Santana (old, from Marshalls)

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Until next time, Lots of Love!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Soccer Mom

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So, it has begun. A life of Saturday Mornings at The Field. A Rush out the door whilst trying not to forget water-bottles, hats, sunscreen, camera, cleats..oh yeah, and the kiddos. Signing up for Orange Slices and other kid-friendly (but Mom approved) snacks and drinks.

In essence, I am officially a Soccer Mom.

But, do I have to look like a "soccer mom"? No! :)

However, I also have a 15 month old Baby Girl that needs watching, tending, and toddling after, so while I love the idea of being That Cool Mom in the Perfect Sundress or what-have-you, that's just not gonna happen.

But, here is what DID happen: Comfy T, cuffed denim, and easy slip on shoes! I ran out of time and therefore ran out the door without a stitch of make-up or hair sense, so I know I FAILED in the ball cap department.

But I don't have a fedora-type-cute-hat...so this is what I have to work with. (Hmmm, note to self: WHY didn't I think of a scarf?! Next time...next time...)

See, I couldn't sit like this in a Sundress ;)

I love that all I need to do to make jeans into capris is a cuff :)
(First time going with the Single Large Cuff, and I like it!)

Half-tuck and higher-rise jeans

And a Little Boy who is too excited to stand still for a pic with Mama

See...couldn't do this in a Sundress either ;)
So, I've been quite sure I wasn't the type to pull off The Fedora....but maybe I outta give it a whirl. It'd at least be a step up from a ball cap, right? (Not even gonna mention the Pitifulness that is That Ponytail)

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
T-Shirt (I'm ready for the eye-rolls): Pea in the Pod
Jeans: Levi's mid-rise (cuffed)
Shoes: Kmart
Sunnies: Marshalls
Ballcap: No one is interested ;)

So, I hope everyone is having a GREAT Saturday. My house is full of Quiet Nappers, so I think I'm gonna take a light snooze on the couch.

But until next time, Lots of Love!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Did Someone Say Maxi?

Or Maxine?

Why not both?? :) (Who doesn't love Maxine!)

So, not that I can undo it now..but I'm really wishing I had done things differently on that whole "Park Date" outfit. At the time I thought it was pretty good. But after looking at the pictures? It just looked sad...I was definitely missing some "punch" in that outfit.

But that is what this whole thing is about, trying different things. Some things work, and others (way too obviously) not so much ;)

But this skirt, this skirt I love!
Skirts make me feel so girly (and yes, I'll admit, "twirly" ;)

In an effort to change things up a bit, and attempt to not repeat the errors of the Fashion Past, I tried a little side-knot with the T-shirt. I tried really really really really hard to NOT repeat my Big-Oversized-Knot-with-a-Tail of my Jr. High Years. I think I succeeded... yes? Perhaps?

I would try to distract you from the Dead Grass that is our yard..
but I'm looking straight at it, so it's kinda hard to miss. 

In case you miss the point, here are my shoes ;)

Wistful? Or keeping a watchful eye on the Great Migration of Birds
overhead and their possible "bombs"?
So I realize that I have NO pictures of me looking at the camera. There is a reason for that. The Hubster got ONE picture of me looking at the camera. There is a reason it isn't getting posted. ha! (And it has to do with the Goon Face I was sporting!)

But look! Look! Look! My first attempted French-Side-Braid Pony (is there such a thing? Well, there is now ha!)

This is one of the reasons I am wanting to grow my hair out longer...more options to (try?) to do more things with it :)

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: Pea in the Pod (Yes, I still wear them...and I wish I had more of them..SO comfy!)
Skirt: BB Dakota (Hautelook score!!)
Shoes: DSW
Bracelets: Gift from my Mom (from Africa!)
Earrings: Gift

There, I hope this outfit makes up for the last one! No drab or sad this time, eh?

And until next time, Lots of Love!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chilly Park Day

SO...those triple digits our thermometer was nearing? Apparently Weather can't make up her mind because it's dropped back into the 60's. Brrrrrrrrrr! (Ok, go ahead, laugh....I'll wait..still going?....I know, I know, but my thin Southern Blood doesn't like anything under 70!)

We had already planned to go to the park, so we foraged ahead. (btw, am I the only one who really doesn't like playdates? Don't get me wrong, I love it for the kids...but I always end up feeling that it becomes "clique-ish", gossipy, and a Mother's Competition of when her child did such and such. I just don't have the time, or energy, for that kind of Nonsense. But....is it just me?)

My park attire was a take from this Stylish Mama. Ok, so I didn't do neon..or a vest..or..brown boots..or..really awesome sunnies...ok, seriously, what is wrong with me?! Ha! (I had glass star earring though, so maybe that's good enough?)
Glass star earrings, check! This face (that the Hubster laughed at) check!

Ok, I'm not sure why my scarf is twisted so Wonkey..but it is what it is.

Can I just say, I love dolman shirts. They are easy, drapey, and comfy!
And that was me at the Park!

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Scarf: BP (Nordstrom)
Shirt: Micheal Stars (Zulily deal!)
Jeans: Levi's skinny mid-rise.
Boots: White Mountain (Zulily deal!)
Necklace: Etsy
Earrings: Gift

I hope you are all having a GREAT Wednesday! I have a sick Baby Girl on my hands today, so this Mama will be doing lots of snuggling couch time.

Oh and remember those Purple Jeans? Yes, at first I thought I loved them. The color was GREAT! The material SO SOFT! But they seemed much MUCH lower rise than my cobalts. Seriously, it was Perma-Plumber Tush. So, back they went.

And I have to admit, after wearing those Levi's mid-rise all day, I think I am going to be sticking with the higher-rises from now on.

Any suggestions for good (affordable) higher-rise jean??

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Well Happy Sunday all! So, church was great! Getting to church? Not so much...how is it that the time I think "Yes, this is going to be THE Sunday that we make it..on time...and all of us happy" it turns out to be the time that I end up fussing too much with my bangs because my hairdresser did this to them:
Hi, I'm five and I cut my own bangs!
(Just say "No" if a hairdresser casually says,"oh,
I'm going to texturize..just a bit..")
And look who's not in front of The Wall! (And in an attempt to find a creative way to showcase my favorite heels I now look like the roller-skaters of the '80's...just slap some wheels on these heels and I am Good To Go!)

Oh yes, I always sit like this when I'm lost in thought..
what, you don't? ha!

Yes, Hands in Pockets and NO signs of disjointed wrists..
Am I actually getting the hang of this?!

Sigh...maybe not. BUT, only one wrist is out of joint..so, progress?
(I'm not even going to address the half-closed goon eyes..)
For those just interested in the accessories ;)
And this is what every other shot looked like,
my Little Darlings running in and out and back and forth :)

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: Banana Republic (Old, and found on clearance, score!)
Pants: Anne Taylor Loft (Old, and found on clearance, score!)
Belt: J. Crew (Old, and found on sale..but I think these are staples in their stores)
Shoes: Alfani (not that old, and not on sale, but Best Purchase Ever!)
Necklace: Made by my Mom (Have I mentioned how fabulously talented she is?! It is actually one really long necklace that I looped to shorten)
Bracelet: Kohls (Old)

It is really starting to warm up here, folks! We are known for our Triple Digit Summers, so I'm trying to enjoy our interim months before we start to bake. Most people are confined indoors by snow and ice and Old Man Winter. We are confined indoors by heat and hotter heat and Stifling Summer. But...it's a dry heat, ya know...yes? (All that means is that we dry roast instead of being baked in a water bath ha!)

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Until next time, Lots of Love!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Reality..

My Dream is to be *that* put together Mama who always answers the door with confidence because she knows to the bottom of her perfectly paired soles, that her outfit is rockin!

A dream is a wish your heart makes....(who else will now have the song from Cinderella stuck in your head all night long..You're welcome ;)

My Reality?

I am home most every day all day long. Just me, My son, and Baby Girl. We go outside..to the backyard. To the front yard...to check the mail. And mayyybe if the "get everyone fed, teeth brushed, play-clothes on, shoes wiggled on, water bottles, teething toys, and the like" stars align we will all go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Would I love to walk around like this? (and have that skirt, that shirt, that belt, that purse, that jacket, THAT hair, and those architectural pillars..Ummm Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, YES, yes)
Oh, and learn how to stand in that effortless
"I'm walking in a dream and have no idea there is a camera there" pose?
Because this, folks, is my usual day-to-day attire (I'm so glad the Husbter loves me!)

(Oh, and yes, I really did work out, no posing here (That's true is every sense...sigh) Although, right after my Daughter was born I found myself changing out of my baggy pajama pants and into....baggy running pants. The difference? Social Acceptance! ha!)

Sorry folks, this is all I got!

No skirt, no shirt, no belt, no jacket, NO hair, no purse, no perfect pose,
no pillars....But I have this little guy (and a little gal), so I think I'm still ahead ha!

Are There Curious Minds Who Want to Know???
Shirt: My Mom (she got it from somewhere and gave it to me..I'm embarrassed to say its...miley cyrus...)
Work out pants: Old Navy. Ok, I will say, I do love these for working out. They suck me in and stay put when I moove and groove to my work out DVD.
Shoes: boring, uninspired, Saucony (but they fit my feet SO well I ignore the rest ;)

And there you have it...It's not glamorous, or trendy, or cool. But it's my life...on my not-so-put-together days. Hope you don't mind!

Until next time, Lots of Love!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Today has actually been one of the more "relaxing" Sundays we've had in a while. Hmmm maybe I should be napping like Everyone Else in The House??

Maybe. But, since having kids I have become a Horrible Napper (like the kind I pray my children are not!). Is it just me? I just can't turn my brain off..my ears want to listen for little voices, (especially for the Little Boy who, I swear, saves his Hour Long Marathon Poopfests for the middle of his nap), my thoughts want to nag me about my to-do list, my Hind End tells me I had better work out if I want those jeans to fit, and Dinner Prep screams at me from the fridge.

Just me, folks?

That's one of the reasons I wanted to start this Blog. Fashion is FUN! It is frivolous. It lets me, for a moment, just find that Silly Happiness over a pair of shoes or experiment with putting together This shirt with Those jeans.

And I also wanted to find a community of Moms to laugh with, share ideas with (whether they be fashion or children or just life related) commiserate with...and yes, get excited over a new pair of shoes with!

And with that, here is What I Wore Sunday! By the way, I am a total Repeat Offender. You will see me re-wearing the same jewelry, the same shoes, the same jeans. Hopefully in different ways. ;)

Also..have you noticed I have a slight propensity for Blue? It's true..I can't help it. And the Nautical Look. I can't help it..hmmm I already said that...

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: TMRDNL (Remember this post? I got this shirt in the coral as well. LOVE them! They don't wrinkle!!..they are more sheer for my liking however, but nothing a cami can't fix)
Pants: Level 99 (I think??) from Anthro...I got them on clearance a few years ago
Necklace: J.Crew Knock-off from I-Can't-Remember-Website
Bangles: Nordstrom (ummm jr. dept *sheepish grin*) (old)
Shoes: Franco Sarto (zulily deal :)

Thanks to Fine Linen and Purple, Plane Pretty and WWIW for letting me join the fun!

Until next time, Lots of Love!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friday Frump

Or Thursday...as the case may be. Yes, it has been *that* kind of a week. And I have TOTALLY failed Blog World.

But I am going to play the Busy Mommy Card. (Yes, I went there...but I know that I know that I know you understand!)

This weekend it is my goal to work on my Maxi Skirt AND Plum Jeans outfits (Ambitious, much? Sometimes) Mostly because my Photographer du Jour will be here (at this point I am pretty sure it's become obvious that I don't know how to work the self-timer on my camera...sigh)

But..would you like to see a few Random Outfits that have emerged Out of My Closet? Well, I don't hear any objections (maybe just crickets chirping ;)

This was my casual outfit meeting a friend for coffee.

I promise you, I don't wear these jeans every day. I know it looks like it. And you are probably tired of seeing them. But I am getting my Cost-per-Wear outta these jeans! (And I'm having fun pairing them differently :)
Me and The Wall...and the "I gotta use the Potty" Pose

Me, The Wall, and The Disjointed Hands in Pockets Pose
(Seriously, I have NO idea what do with my arms!)

This was a long necklace that I looped through to shorten,
I like how it worked!
And now how 'bout we get a little fancy-schmancy? Yes, I made the Hubster shoot these realquick while trying to get everyone ready for church one Sunday.
My son loves getting in on the action
(Ummm I promise you, he didn't go to church in his
(mismatched) jammies)

For those just wanting to see the accessories :)

Why yes, I am poised to spring into the Nutty Chaos
that is Sunday Morning ;)

And there you have it! I may have been in work-out clothes with my hair in a pulled-back pony all day today (and yesterday? and the day before? and....) but I like having proof that I can (sometimes try to) have it all together.

Oh and For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Casual Outfit:
Jacket: Gap (ooollllllllddddddd....as in a decade old)
Yellow shirt: Anthro (Old)
Cobalt Skinnies: Express (I can see the sighs and eye rolls now at the sight of this repeat!)
Coral Sandals: Kmart
Necklace: Dillards

Shirt: That ol' workhorse J. Crew Factory chambray shirt
Pencil Skirt: No. 2 Pencil Skirt, J. Crew
Belt: J. (wait for it) Crew (c/o Christmas Elves)
Shoes: Alfani (Best Purchase EVER! So comfy-I kid you not. And they go with everything!)
Bracelet: Africa (c/o my mom)

I'd love to hear  how you are wearing color for Spring! I am always in need of inspiration :)

Until next time, Lots of Love!