Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturday Night Shenanigans

So, we had the pleasure of heading over to a friend's house for homemade pizza..seriously, Yum!

And, as Saturdays go, it ended up in a frantic rush of: Ack! My dessert is NOT ready, it will NOT be ready in the 15 minutes in which we need to leave. Eek! My Hair is NOT washed, and it will NOT get washed in the 15 minutes in which we need to leave. Dry Shampoo + Velcro Rollers + Straightener= Life Saver

The Pastry Crust on my Strawberry Tart browned too much (I refuse to use the word "burned"..but if the scorch-marks fit...sigh) But I solaced myself with the fact that it *tasted* good (and it didn't hurt that the Pastry Cream and Strawberries covered my Baking Sins ;)

Aren't you glad this isn't a Fine Food and Dining blog?

(Also, this is most likely...cheating, but I am using this post to link up with Aint No Mom Jeans for their "How We Wear It"...Yes, I realize this isn't a "Ladylike" Cardi, per say. And yes, I did..pair it with a scarf. But, it's a braided scarf, so does up the ante?? ;)

So here was the night's Going-Out-Outfit:

Why yes, those are my cobalt skinnies...again. And yes, my hair is a bit sad, but this was taken at the end of  the night and after bedtime routine with the kiddos, the hair is always the first to go it seems.

But in other not-so-crazy news this is also my attempt at mixing prints AND playing around with scarf ideas.

Stripes and floral? Yes? And how about that braided scarf!
5 Pinterest searches and 3 Youtube videos later
This is probably my new current favorite thing to do with a scarf..although I think the detail of the braid would work better with a "less-busy" pattern.

And then, just for Funsies. I may still be posing in front of That Wall, but look..I'm looking down...artfully? Thoughtfully? Ridiculously?(am I supposed to smile? I'm smiling at my shoes..is this how it works? Or do shoes require a more serious atmosphere..perhaps "coy" would work better, not that I know how to do "coy"..oh the lessons to learn!)

Hmmm and who is that getting out of bed because "what is dat flashing? Daddy is flashing that light right into my eyes..." (Did you know a camera flash can turn 90 degrees in two different directions? According to my 3 year old, they can ;)

And For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Navy Cardigan: Anthropologie (old)
Grey T-Shirt: A Pea in the Pod (Yes I still wear these T-shirts, they are SO comfy, and so post-baby friendly, and such a nice length, and I SO wish I had gotten one in white!)
Cobalt Jeans: Are you getting tired of this link yet?
Moto Boots: Vince Camuto Shada Boot

And, what do you think? Do these boots work?

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

Also, my Maxi skirt AND Plum jeans have both arrived! And I LOVE them both..I've had a sick little boy today, so I haven't played around with them...yet :) 

Until next time, Lots of Love!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Yes, it's that time again!

Surprisingly, this Sunday has been "relatively" calm. As I'm typing this I am smiling because both Babes are actually down, and have been for the last hour and a half! I'm just gonna say "Amen!"

So, my look this Sunday was actually inspired by this look that I found on...Pinterest :)

Annnnd here's my take on it. Not quite the same..but that's why it's called "Inspired by..", right?
I'm a huge fan of Aquas/Blues with Yellow

Hey Look! I'm looking thoughtfully down!
(Yes, the thoughtful exterior hides the clueless interior ;)

Pockets? Yes, please, and thank you!

Just in case you wanted a better view of the accessories 

Now, I am SO going to admit, this next picture turned out to be my favorite picture of the group. It isn't posed, I didn't even know the Hubster was clicking away on his camera. And I think that's why I love it so much. (And apparently this is how I stand ha!)
Note to self: Unless I want my Midsection to look like this...Stand Up Straight! (sigh) ;)

What We Wore Sunday!
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: J.Crew Factory here (I got mine on sale though if you don't want to pay that price)
Belt: Marshall's
Skirt: INC (old)
Tights: H&M
Shoes: DV Java
Necklace: Random shop in Flagstaff, AZ
Bangles: Nordstrom (old)

So what do you think? How'd I do with the interpretation?

I've actually had this skirt in my closet for years now, the bright yellow makes me a tad wary (when I ordered it I thought it would be more of a "mustard" yellow..not "Hello, I'm a Bumblebee!") but I've had fun playing around with it lately.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday! I'm so excited next Sunday is Easter. I love celebrating Easter and our Risen Savior!

He is Risen!

Thank you Fine Linen and PurplePlane Pretty ,Watch What I'm WearingLily Among Thorns, and Casual Friday Link Up for letting me join in the Fashion Fun!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Newbie with a NuMe

I have been waiting for-EVER to have some time to myself. Some serious time to myself. Not a "Oh let me run outside to check the mail" or "Can I go to the potty in the 15 seconds that are allotted to me before one of my children needs me".

Why, you ask? (Well...does a Mama ever really need a reason to want some actual alone time? ;)

But in this case, I did, indeed, have a reason. My Hair. Oh Vanity....

Sometimes Vanity is a little fun, though, eh? Especially when I have been inspired, and enabled, to try a new 'do. In this case, by none other than...wait for it.... Ain't No Mom Jeans and the post on Hair Resolutions-the Beachy Waves. (and let's face it, this blog provides me with MOST of my inspiration ;)

So, armed with my recommended How-To, my suggested Products, my Handy-Dandy..NuMe Pearl Wand (What...didya think I was gonna say "Notebook"? Blues Clues, anyone? Yes?...Just me?...) I set off to attempt to get my straight locks Beautifully Beachy.

Should be simple enough, eh?

I will use the word "simple" through steps 1.Shower through step 4. Put Product in washed hair. After that it gets sketchy in my book.

Now, I know how to use a blow dryer. But a diffuser? That's a whole 'nother story, Mornin' Glory!

Maybe it's because I have shorter hair..but I just could NOT seem to get a groove using that thing! But I persevered. Awkwardly. So....so..awkwardly.

And then..the NuMe. Dear me. I will tell you, this thing comes with a heat-resistant glove to aide and assist in the styling of your hair. That alone should have set off some bells and whistles in my head. But being the Cool Cat that I am, I thought "Pshaw...I watched Cara Loren's tutorial on how to do this. I watched it TWICE. I got this!"

Anyone else see where this is going? Yeah. Wish I had.

Umm burns. I suffered them. Many of them. Let's just say there is definitely a Learning Curve. And my hair still didn't look Beautifully Beachy. Perhaps Somewhat Sandy. Or Watered-Down Wavy.

So then the glove came on! This NuMe was not going to get the best of me. And after a few hyper-extended shoulder moves trying to navigate this Beauty Tool so as not maim myself, I did it! I got the look!

Beachy, Yes! Fun, Yes! Orchestrated Care-free, you better believe it!

But now, the Moment of Truth. The dreaded question of the Hubster: What do you think, Honey?

(Now, my Hubster is an engineer, so I have learned over the years when to ask this question. A New Trend? Mmmmm, maybe not so much. Clean and Classic? Always a win for him. My timing now was borderline, but I had worked too hard for this New Look not to ask)

Me: Soooo....look! Beachy Waves! What do ya think? *maybe smiling a bit too broadly to try to really sell him on it*
Hubster, Looking....Pause...: Ummmmm is that the finished look? *maybe asking a bit too hopefully so that he doesn't have to tell me his honest opinion*

However, I stand my ground. I worked too hard and suffered too many burns to be deterred.

So what do I do? Take a picture of myself. Cameras never lie. And I like what I see in the picture. It's not perfect, but for my first attempt I'm a happy gal.

Confidently I take the camera, show it to the Hubster, and ask again "Don't you think that's cute?"

He looks at picture..then looks at me..then looks back at the picture and says, "You're right, that is really cute!"


And for Curious Minds Who May Want to Know..here is me after my first attempt. Yes. Alot is left to be desired, but it's a start, and I love a challenge :)

And yes, that would be a Lack-of-All-Make-Up Picture. I have no other excuse but: It was late.

Also, I am in the process of growing my hair out. I'm really excited! I have had a short bob for...10 years? It's time for a change.

This is what I'm shooting for:

Although, I would probably keep a side-bang of sorts. I think my face does better with bangs.
Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

Until next time, Lots of Love!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh Changes, They're A'Comin'

So, I just heard Here that Blogger is doing something that affects something else that changes who knows what..but that Google Reader will be going away...(not that I've ever understood Google Reader). Enter Bloglovin' (not that I understand Bloglovin').

Why must the Computer Guys wreak havoc on us all with these Shenanigans? Have they got nothing better to do? Huh, Computer Guys? You gotta pick on us Moms? Can't we all just leave Well Enough Alone? I'd be happy with that..it'd be like World Peace for Ignorant Computer Me. (Ok, maybe not quite that big, but I think you get my drift ;)

Ummmm Silver Lining? I have NO followers...yet?! (Please let this be a "yet" moment!) So, no confusion for Future Followers (Name it, Claim it? ha!).

So...while I figure out how to do this (perhaps with lots of grumbling and griping..perhaps. Yes.) I hope you'll hang with me!

Follow on Bloglovin

And just for the Hay of It..here's a recent outfit of mine. Not Today's, mind you. Today my Needs-To-Be-Washed Hair is pulled back in a pony and I'm still in Work-Out Clothes..total Frump!

But here's me on a Not-So-Frump Day..except my hair is STILL in a pony here...sigh.

Denim on Denim...it really is my New Love. Or maybe to be more specific It is Chambray on Denim. But it's all in the family, right?

(This shirt has been worth EVERY penny, it has become such a work horse!)

For Curious Minds Who May Want To Know:
Shirt: J.Crew Factory Here...Ok, but I totally did NOT pay that price. It must have been on sale at one point because I got mine for $40...so watch it if you don't want to pay that current price.
Jeans: Banana Republic (old)
Bracelet: Africa (c/o my mom :)
Shoes: Vince Camuto "Ellen" flat, in Ombre Leopard (c/o Christmas Elves..aka my Mother-in-Law!)

And yes, I'm back to posing in front of That Wall. Old habits die hard!

And P.S. Today the Maxi Skirt of My Dreams comes! I hope it doesn't disappoint. I'll keep you posted!

Until next time, Lots of Love!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lessons in Cobalt

So, I LOVE these jeans. And I love how versatile I am finding them. I was SO afraid of pairing them with color because I thought I would look like a Crayon Explosion.

Until, until that is..(don't you love the "suspense" of an "until"? ;) it was recommended to me to try pairing them with red shoes. Anyone wanna guess who the recommendation came from?

If you guessed ThisCrazyFabBlog then you already know me pretty well ;)

Once I tried those jeans with red shoes the switch flipped and I dumped that Crayon Box out and went to town...Literally. This was my grocery shopping attire over the weekend (without kiddos? Luxury!)

Who needs architectural pillars, or empty tree-lined streets when you have.... Backyard Play Things! ha!

Cobalt, Navy, Teal, and Coral..I think it works, don't you?

Why yes, those are my...feet.  Hopefully it's
the shoes you are noticing though ;)

See, I can thoughtfully look away to the Obscure Side
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Teal Tank: Motherhood Maternity. Yes, I still wear them. I love the length!
Navy Ruffle-Top: Kohls (old)
Denim: Express (on sale!)
Shoes: Bongo (Kmart...10$!)

I hope you all are enjoying a great afternoon! I'm off to do...Something Important (aka: cleaning ha!) while the Babes are quiet.

How are you styling your colored denim for Spring?

Until next time, Lots of Love!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I'm a Newbie, folks! This is my first time to link up to...anywhere! But I LOVE this idea :) I Love the idea of gathering together to talk and share about church and fashion. They are not mutually exclusive ;)

I came from Texas. I grew up wearing "Sunday Best" and wanting to honor God by dressing in my "Best", giving my Best inwardly and outwardly. 

I once remember reading a story about a Farmer who invited his young neighbor to church. Sunday morning the Farmer got up early, donned his nice slacks, button up shirt, tie, and jacket ready to go when the young neighbor came knocking on his door. When the Farmer answered he was surprised to see the lad in worn overalls, nervously fidgeting, obviously embarrassed. 

The Farmer was about to say something when it dawned on him that this was the best this young man had. And then, asking him to wait outside a moment the Farmer changed from his nice clothes and put on his overalls and the two went to church together.

I love this story, and I'm sure I'm missing some parts. But the essence has always stuck with me. 

That Farmer, in his overalls, was wearing his Sunday Best. His heart gave his best to God in loving that young man, and not wanting him to feel embarrassed or out of place in church. And while I do love to "dress-up" and look and feel nice and put together at least *one* day a week, I always seek to remember what counts, my heart. Am I giving my Best to God, every day?

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble on like that. It just kind of came out..so there it is. ;)

Sunday mornings are *always* NUTS in our house. I can't say we are always (ever?) on time..but I at least try to make sure we all have matching shoes..yes, I will take any victory I can ;)

And here is what I wore Sunday:
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: Banana Republic (olllllld)
Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Knock-off J.Crew from I-Can't-Remember-Internet-Site
Bangles: Forever 21, Annnnd Africa (C/O my mom :)
Shoes: Dillards, I think (I know, NO help, but I can't remember what brand!)

Thanks Fine Linen and Purple and Plane Pretty for letting me join in the fun! I look forward to next Sunday!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Just Had to Stop

Stop browsing. Stop researching. Stop Googling. Stop..thinking I need to be something I'm not?

As I've said before, this whole thing is SO new me. I thought at first that perhaps this was going to be a (gasp) Fashion Blog. But not in that Super Cool Trendy New York/European Way. Just a Mom trying to make her way-hopefully stylishly- through Life while having some fun in the Process. 

And then..well, and then I started looking at All The Really Awesome Cool LeGIT Fashion Blogs. Oh my. The clothes. The Picture Quality. The POSES! The Locations (Ummm architectural pillars, tree-lined-empty-streets, brick walls...alot of brick walls...where ARE these places?)

And then I had a moment (or twelve) in which I just told myself "That's it. That is just not gonna happen. Why am I even trying this?!"

And then I realized, because it is fun. Because I love being a Mom and I love Fashion and I SO love learning to meld the two together!

I may not ever get the poses, or the lighting, or the weirdly wonderful locations. But I will learn to grow into this...into Myself. 

And until I figure it out, (and learn all the Secret Tricks of Gimp because I have neither Photoshop NOR a smart phone-yes such a person exists)...this is what I get: 
(OOoooooh looky here, only ONE toe is pointed in...
Oh yeah, I'm getting cutting edge now! *sha-ZAM*)

Here is my take on the "Boyfriend Jean" and slightly baggy sweater and of course, my Red Shoe. (Yes, that IS a mint tank under my sweater. I seem to remember loving this post and thought it could work through Spring. 

Full Disclosure: These aren't "officially" boyfriend jeans. I'm not even sure what they are. Ok, they are Gap. But they are kind of baggy and so I figured "Hey, Cuff=Insta-Boyfriend Jean"...right?

So until next time, Lots of Love!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cranky Mommy Day Means...

Internet shopping..albeit, unintentional? (anyone gonna believe that?)

Chocolate and Ice Cream are not my Balm-Dujour...a great find at a steal of a price is! (Is there an anonymous group for that?)

It was just one of those days. How does a 3 year old and 14 month old manage to find ways to antagonize each other? Oh they do. And never when Mommy is there to immediately Cease and Desist the Situation. Never then. Ever.

When Mommy finally manages to have a Coveted Bathroom Break? Yes. Always then.

When Mommy is working with boiling water in an attempt at a Wholesome Meal. Maybe even with Vegetables? Yes. Always then.

And so my day went. I did manage a work-out at naptime(score), which turned into Innocent Internet Browsing, which turned into "Oh, I'll just glance at what's on Hautelook today..just a peek", which turned into Finding The Maxi Skirt of My Dreams (didn't know I had one, eh? Hmmm neither did I, but I found it), which turned into..well.. The Maxi Skirt of My Dreams on it's pretty little way to my eagerly awaiting mailbox! (score)


Another Happy? Washing the dishes and cleaning up after that Attempted Wholesome Meal (and Yes! The Veggies made it on the plate!) in a QUIET house! Ode to Joy!

The Hubster wisely attuned to my day (perchance due to the Texts I sent him forewarning him of my imminent Doom) and took the Babes outside after dinner.

I never ever foresaw the Season of Life in which I would eagerly clean and wash dishes and relish in the Silence of the Chore.

Ah, but such is Motherhood, as I've found it. This is why God made Babies cute..it's their defense mechanism. ;)

(Yes, these picture may be a few months old, as in Fall, but..it is what it is ;)

Anyone else with me on this?

(Though I will say, my Crankies, thankfully, had fled by the Day's End, especially when my Sweet Boy came and looked up at me with those Big Brown Eyes of his and said "I love you most, Mommy". Love him!)

And for Curious Minds Who May Want to Know, here is the skirt I scored (for $20.00-which I love-plus shipping, which I hate)
BB DAKOTA & Jack Malisa Marakesh Printed Maxi Skirt
And until next time, Lots of Love and a Fresh, New Day Tomorrow!

PS. It may just be me, but I so know I've reached Mom-dom when I find myself singing "I just scored a Haute Look. I just scored a Haute Look. I just scored a Haute Look. I wonder when it will get here!"
to the tune of...know where I'm headed?....Blues Clue's "We Just Got a Letter"...

Anyone else? Anyone? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Excited about Plum

I may be a Mama who loves style and with this New Knowledge it can get dangerous..more for the Pocketbook than anything else really (unless you count my Husband's blood pressure). But really truly I do try to find good deals and work within what I can.

So to quell the voice in my head, I scoured around and found these. On Sale! Happy Me! (these are the same style/brand as the Cobalt ones I have)

Full Disclosure: They are Low-Rise. Not terribly friendly to my Post Baby Pooch. But I love the fit everywhere else so much that I make it work with Strategic Clothing on top. (And yes I totally said that all Tim Gunn-style)

Express Jeans (on sale!)

I'll keep you posted when I get them in. I'm mentally trying to prepare outfits in anticipation!

Now, while The Babes are down (AT THE SAME TIME) I better go get my work-out in so those jeans will work ;)

Until then, Lots of Love!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And So It Begins...

So. My First Post. Well, I may as well just start at the Beginning and take it from there.

I have always loved Fashion, Style...Shoes. And yet, looking back, I don't think I ever really "got" fashion. I would buy a Fab Shirt, and then buy Perfect Pants, and then maybe a Not-Quite Perfect Skirt, but it was a *really really great deal*, so I got it anyway. This is how I would shop. Never thinking ahead to how one piece of clothing would pair or match or work with other things.

I would wonder in frustration at my closet full of clothes how I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR!

Add to my lack of know-how, two Little Darlings and a Post C-Section Body and well, let's just say I was way in over my head. I didn't know how to dress this new body (Heck, I was still trying to come to terms with it!).

Enter: my discovery of Ain't No Mom Jeans. Hoping that the World of Google would help this Mama out I found this blog. And I was hooked. And so, I have been rediscovering how to really "Do Fashion Right" and have Fashion work for ME!

And so, I figured my First Post should be my First Outfit that I sent to those Ladies in help of how to wear Cobalt Skinnies.

(Bear with me, folks..I know the Picture is sorely lacking in the quality I'm sure you have come to know and expect. Maybe a few bonus points for Effort? Pity Points? I'm not above that ;)

For Curious Minds Who Want To Know:
Striped Sweater: Tommy Hilfilger (Thrift store score)
Denim Button Up: Banana Republic (Thrift store score..for a dollar!)
Jeans: Express (on sale)   
Shoes: Michael Kors (gifted :)
Clutch and Bangles: Old

And in the Spirit of Full Disclosure: As a SAHM this is not how you usually find me on a typical Mom Day (zippered heels? I don't think so!) I was going OUT, sans Kiddos, into the World of....a Baby Shower. (Zippered Heels? Heck yeah!) Ah, but such is my Life :)

And there it is. My First Post. Hopefully with many many more to come :) (And who knows, maybe someday this Quirky Girl will get the knack of how to take a Stylish Photo with a Really Stylish Pose and Picture Perfect Lighting..stranger things have happened, eh?)

But until then, Lots of Love!