Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cranky Mommy Day Means...

Internet shopping..albeit, unintentional? (anyone gonna believe that?)

Chocolate and Ice Cream are not my Balm-Dujour...a great find at a steal of a price is! (Is there an anonymous group for that?)

It was just one of those days. How does a 3 year old and 14 month old manage to find ways to antagonize each other? Oh they do. And never when Mommy is there to immediately Cease and Desist the Situation. Never then. Ever.

When Mommy finally manages to have a Coveted Bathroom Break? Yes. Always then.

When Mommy is working with boiling water in an attempt at a Wholesome Meal. Maybe even with Vegetables? Yes. Always then.

And so my day went. I did manage a work-out at naptime(score), which turned into Innocent Internet Browsing, which turned into "Oh, I'll just glance at what's on Hautelook today..just a peek", which turned into Finding The Maxi Skirt of My Dreams (didn't know I had one, eh? Hmmm neither did I, but I found it), which turned into..well.. The Maxi Skirt of My Dreams on it's pretty little way to my eagerly awaiting mailbox! (score)


Another Happy? Washing the dishes and cleaning up after that Attempted Wholesome Meal (and Yes! The Veggies made it on the plate!) in a QUIET house! Ode to Joy!

The Hubster wisely attuned to my day (perchance due to the Texts I sent him forewarning him of my imminent Doom) and took the Babes outside after dinner.

I never ever foresaw the Season of Life in which I would eagerly clean and wash dishes and relish in the Silence of the Chore.

Ah, but such is Motherhood, as I've found it. This is why God made Babies's their defense mechanism. ;)

(Yes, these picture may be a few months old, as in Fall, is what it is ;)

Anyone else with me on this?

(Though I will say, my Crankies, thankfully, had fled by the Day's End, especially when my Sweet Boy came and looked up at me with those Big Brown Eyes of his and said "I love you most, Mommy". Love him!)

And for Curious Minds Who May Want to Know, here is the skirt I scored (for $20.00-which I love-plus shipping, which I hate)
BB DAKOTA & Jack Malisa Marakesh Printed Maxi Skirt
And until next time, Lots of Love and a Fresh, New Day Tomorrow!

PS. It may just be me, but I so know I've reached Mom-dom when I find myself singing "I just scored a Haute Look. I just scored a Haute Look. I just scored a Haute Look. I wonder when it will get here!"
to the tune of...know where I'm headed?....Blues Clue's "We Just Got a Letter"...

Anyone else? Anyone? 

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