Friday, March 22, 2013

Newbie with a NuMe

I have been waiting for-EVER to have some time to myself. Some serious time to myself. Not a "Oh let me run outside to check the mail" or "Can I go to the potty in the 15 seconds that are allotted to me before one of my children needs me".

Why, you ask? (Well...does a Mama ever really need a reason to want some actual alone time? ;)

But in this case, I did, indeed, have a reason. My Hair. Oh Vanity....

Sometimes Vanity is a little fun, though, eh? Especially when I have been inspired, and enabled, to try a new 'do. In this case, by none other than...wait for it.... Ain't No Mom Jeans and the post on Hair Resolutions-the Beachy Waves. (and let's face it, this blog provides me with MOST of my inspiration ;)

So, armed with my recommended How-To, my suggested Products, my Handy-Dandy..NuMe Pearl Wand (What...didya think I was gonna say "Notebook"? Blues Clues, anyone? Yes?...Just me?...) I set off to attempt to get my straight locks Beautifully Beachy.

Should be simple enough, eh?

I will use the word "simple" through steps 1.Shower through step 4. Put Product in washed hair. After that it gets sketchy in my book.

Now, I know how to use a blow dryer. But a diffuser? That's a whole 'nother story, Mornin' Glory!

Maybe it's because I have shorter hair..but I just could NOT seem to get a groove using that thing! But I persevered. Awkwardly.

And then..the NuMe. Dear me. I will tell you, this thing comes with a heat-resistant glove to aide and assist in the styling of your hair. That alone should have set off some bells and whistles in my head. But being the Cool Cat that I am, I thought "Pshaw...I watched Cara Loren's tutorial on how to do this. I watched it TWICE. I got this!"

Anyone else see where this is going? Yeah. Wish I had.

Umm burns. I suffered them. Many of them. Let's just say there is definitely a Learning Curve. And my hair still didn't look Beautifully Beachy. Perhaps Somewhat Sandy. Or Watered-Down Wavy.

So then the glove came on! This NuMe was not going to get the best of me. And after a few hyper-extended shoulder moves trying to navigate this Beauty Tool so as not maim myself, I did it! I got the look!

Beachy, Yes! Fun, Yes! Orchestrated Care-free, you better believe it!

But now, the Moment of Truth. The dreaded question of the Hubster: What do you think, Honey?

(Now, my Hubster is an engineer, so I have learned over the years when to ask this question. A New Trend? Mmmmm, maybe not so much. Clean and Classic? Always a win for him. My timing now was borderline, but I had worked too hard for this New Look not to ask)

Me: Soooo....look! Beachy Waves! What do ya think? *maybe smiling a bit too broadly to try to really sell him on it*
Hubster, Looking....Pause...: Ummmmm is that the finished look? *maybe asking a bit too hopefully so that he doesn't have to tell me his honest opinion*

However, I stand my ground. I worked too hard and suffered too many burns to be deterred.

So what do I do? Take a picture of myself. Cameras never lie. And I like what I see in the picture. It's not perfect, but for my first attempt I'm a happy gal.

Confidently I take the camera, show it to the Hubster, and ask again "Don't you think that's cute?"

He looks at picture..then looks at me..then looks back at the picture and says, "You're right, that is really cute!"


And for Curious Minds Who May Want to is me after my first attempt. Yes. Alot is left to be desired, but it's a start, and I love a challenge :)

And yes, that would be a Lack-of-All-Make-Up Picture. I have no other excuse but: It was late.

Also, I am in the process of growing my hair out. I'm really excited! I have had a short bob for...10 years? It's time for a change.

This is what I'm shooting for:

Although, I would probably keep a side-bang of sorts. I think my face does better with bangs.
Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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