Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lessons in Cobalt

So, I LOVE these jeans. And I love how versatile I am finding them. I was SO afraid of pairing them with color because I thought I would look like a Crayon Explosion.

Until, until that is..(don't you love the "suspense" of an "until"? ;) it was recommended to me to try pairing them with red shoes. Anyone wanna guess who the recommendation came from?

If you guessed ThisCrazyFabBlog then you already know me pretty well ;)

Once I tried those jeans with red shoes the switch flipped and I dumped that Crayon Box out and went to town...Literally. This was my grocery shopping attire over the weekend (without kiddos? Luxury!)

Who needs architectural pillars, or empty tree-lined streets when you have.... Backyard Play Things! ha!

Cobalt, Navy, Teal, and Coral..I think it works, don't you?

Why yes, those are my...feet.  Hopefully it's
the shoes you are noticing though ;)

See, I can thoughtfully look away to the Obscure Side
For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Teal Tank: Motherhood Maternity. Yes, I still wear them. I love the length!
Navy Ruffle-Top: Kohls (old)
Denim: Express (on sale!)
Shoes: Bongo (Kmart...10$!)

I hope you all are enjoying a great afternoon! I'm off to do...Something Important (aka: cleaning ha!) while the Babes are quiet.

How are you styling your colored denim for Spring?

Until next time, Lots of Love!


  1. Ok, I will try to pretend that I didn't get a bit (alot?) excited that Shana-from-ANMJ commented on my blog. I'll play it cool. I'll try anyway ;) Thanks for makin' my day!