Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And So It Begins...

So. My First Post. Well, I may as well just start at the Beginning and take it from there.

I have always loved Fashion, Style...Shoes. And yet, looking back, I don't think I ever really "got" fashion. I would buy a Fab Shirt, and then buy Perfect Pants, and then maybe a Not-Quite Perfect Skirt, but it was a *really really great deal*, so I got it anyway. This is how I would shop. Never thinking ahead to how one piece of clothing would pair or match or work with other things.

I would wonder in frustration at my closet full of clothes how I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR!

Add to my lack of know-how, two Little Darlings and a Post C-Section Body and well, let's just say I was way in over my head. I didn't know how to dress this new body (Heck, I was still trying to come to terms with it!).

Enter: my discovery of Ain't No Mom Jeans. Hoping that the World of Google would help this Mama out I found this blog. And I was hooked. And so, I have been rediscovering how to really "Do Fashion Right" and have Fashion work for ME!

And so, I figured my First Post should be my First Outfit that I sent to those Ladies in help of how to wear Cobalt Skinnies.

(Bear with me, folks..I know the Picture is sorely lacking in the quality I'm sure you have come to know and expect. Maybe a few bonus points for Effort? Pity Points? I'm not above that ;)

For Curious Minds Who Want To Know:
Striped Sweater: Tommy Hilfilger (Thrift store score)
Denim Button Up: Banana Republic (Thrift store score..for a dollar!)
Jeans: Express (on sale)   
Shoes: Michael Kors (gifted :)
Clutch and Bangles: Old

And in the Spirit of Full Disclosure: As a SAHM this is not how you usually find me on a typical Mom Day (zippered heels? I don't think so!) I was going OUT, sans Kiddos, into the World of....a Baby Shower. (Zippered Heels? Heck yeah!) Ah, but such is my Life :)

And there it is. My First Post. Hopefully with many many more to come :) (And who knows, maybe someday this Quirky Girl will get the knack of how to take a Stylish Photo with a Really Stylish Pose and Picture Perfect Lighting..stranger things have happened, eh?)

But until then, Lots of Love!


  1. Ah HA! I'm browsing your blog here as I haven't seen you on WIWS before (not that I look at all the links every week anyway) and I get to this picture and you look familiar. Now I remember seeing you on ANMJ! Grace Patton and Mary Boctor (With My Sisters) also have been featured there, so you make 3 (if not more) from the WIWS crowd on ANMJ. Exciting! Anywho, I'm enjoying your blog. I'm totally in the same boat as far as the clothes situation.

  2. This comment made me laugh! In such a good way! This is really the reason I wanted to start this blog, to really connect with others like this. :) I found Grace Patton through ANMJ too (from her site I found FL&P ha!) I haven't checked out Mary Boctor yet, but will soon!

    ANMJ, bringing Mama's together! ;)

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this note! It made my night :)