Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Excited about Plum

I may be a Mama who loves style and with this New Knowledge it can get dangerous..more for the Pocketbook than anything else really (unless you count my Husband's blood pressure). But really truly I do try to find good deals and work within what I can.

So to quell the voice in my head, I scoured around and found these. On Sale! Happy Me! (these are the same style/brand as the Cobalt ones I have)

Full Disclosure: They are Low-Rise. Not terribly friendly to my Post Baby Pooch. But I love the fit everywhere else so much that I make it work with Strategic Clothing on top. (And yes I totally said that all Tim Gunn-style)

Express Jeans (on sale!)

I'll keep you posted when I get them in. I'm mentally trying to prepare outfits in anticipation!

Now, while The Babes are down (AT THE SAME TIME) I better go get my work-out in so those jeans will work ;)

Until then, Lots of Love!

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