Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturday Night Shenanigans

So, we had the pleasure of heading over to a friend's house for homemade pizza..seriously, Yum!

And, as Saturdays go, it ended up in a frantic rush of: Ack! My dessert is NOT ready, it will NOT be ready in the 15 minutes in which we need to leave. Eek! My Hair is NOT washed, and it will NOT get washed in the 15 minutes in which we need to leave. Dry Shampoo + Velcro Rollers + Straightener= Life Saver

The Pastry Crust on my Strawberry Tart browned too much (I refuse to use the word "burned"..but if the scorch-marks fit...sigh) But I solaced myself with the fact that it *tasted* good (and it didn't hurt that the Pastry Cream and Strawberries covered my Baking Sins ;)

Aren't you glad this isn't a Fine Food and Dining blog?

(Also, this is most likely...cheating, but I am using this post to link up with Aint No Mom Jeans for their "How We Wear It"...Yes, I realize this isn't a "Ladylike" Cardi, per say. And yes, I did..pair it with a scarf. But, it's a braided scarf, so does up the ante?? ;)

So here was the night's Going-Out-Outfit:

Why yes, those are my cobalt skinnies...again. And yes, my hair is a bit sad, but this was taken at the end of  the night and after bedtime routine with the kiddos, the hair is always the first to go it seems.

But in other not-so-crazy news this is also my attempt at mixing prints AND playing around with scarf ideas.

Stripes and floral? Yes? And how about that braided scarf!
5 Pinterest searches and 3 Youtube videos later
This is probably my new current favorite thing to do with a scarf..although I think the detail of the braid would work better with a "less-busy" pattern.

And then, just for Funsies. I may still be posing in front of That Wall, but look..I'm looking down...artfully? Thoughtfully? Ridiculously?(am I supposed to smile? I'm smiling at my shoes..is this how it works? Or do shoes require a more serious atmosphere..perhaps "coy" would work better, not that I know how to do "coy"..oh the lessons to learn!)

Hmmm and who is that getting out of bed because "what is dat flashing? Daddy is flashing that light right into my eyes..." (Did you know a camera flash can turn 90 degrees in two different directions? According to my 3 year old, they can ;)

And For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Navy Cardigan: Anthropologie (old)
Grey T-Shirt: A Pea in the Pod (Yes I still wear these T-shirts, they are SO comfy, and so post-baby friendly, and such a nice length, and I SO wish I had gotten one in white!)
Cobalt Jeans: Are you getting tired of this link yet?
Moto Boots: Vince Camuto Shada Boot

And, what do you think? Do these boots work?

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

Also, my Maxi skirt AND Plum jeans have both arrived! And I LOVE them both..I've had a sick little boy today, so I haven't played around with them...yet :) 

Until next time, Lots of Love!

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  1. Love the look. The scarf adds a lovely touch to the whole ensemble. Thanks for linking up!! :)