Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Today has actually been one of the more "relaxing" Sundays we've had in a while. Hmmm maybe I should be napping like Everyone Else in The House??

Maybe. But, since having kids I have become a Horrible Napper (like the kind I pray my children are not!). Is it just me? I just can't turn my brain ears want to listen for little voices, (especially for the Little Boy who, I swear, saves his Hour Long Marathon Poopfests for the middle of his nap), my thoughts want to nag me about my to-do list, my Hind End tells me I had better work out if I want those jeans to fit, and Dinner Prep screams at me from the fridge.

Just me, folks?

That's one of the reasons I wanted to start this Blog. Fashion is FUN! It is frivolous. It lets me, for a moment, just find that Silly Happiness over a pair of shoes or experiment with putting together This shirt with Those jeans.

And I also wanted to find a community of Moms to laugh with, share ideas with (whether they be fashion or children or just life related) commiserate with...and yes, get excited over a new pair of shoes with!

And with that, here is What I Wore Sunday! By the way, I am a total Repeat Offender. You will see me re-wearing the same jewelry, the same shoes, the same jeans. Hopefully in different ways. ;)

Also..have you noticed I have a slight propensity for Blue? It's true..I can't help it. And the Nautical Look. I can't help it..hmmm I already said that...

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: TMRDNL (Remember this post? I got this shirt in the coral as well. LOVE them! They don't wrinkle!!..they are more sheer for my liking however, but nothing a cami can't fix)
Pants: Level 99 (I think??) from Anthro...I got them on clearance a few years ago
Necklace: J.Crew Knock-off from I-Can't-Remember-Website
Bangles: Nordstrom (ummm jr. dept *sheepish grin*) (old)
Shoes: Franco Sarto (zulily deal :)

Thanks to Fine Linen and Purple, Plane Pretty and WWIW for letting me join the fun!

Until next time, Lots of Love!


  1. Very cute! I really like the necklace, the pop of color makes it. :)

    1. Thank you! I definitely feel "fun" when I wear it (and my 15 mo daughter thinks it's fun to chew on it ha!)

  2. LOVE the necklace and the shirt!! So pretty!

    And, wait till the kiddos get a bit older . . . I have no problem napping anymore!

    1. Thank you Katie, and that's what I'm hoping for. One of these days a good, solid nap! Oh to dream! Thanks for giving me the Hope that it will be possible :)

  3. Found you at Plane Pretty and I'm so glad I did! I love the necklace and the separate pops of color. You have a new follower! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

    1. Seriously, you totally made my night! Thank you!

  4. Great outfit!!! Visiting from the link up. I'm also hosting one this Thursday April 11. Show me your favorite Spring Trend. HOpe you can join. I'm also doing a giveaway for a $300 gift card to Gap. Check it out.


  5. Love this look, especially the necklace and that skirt...too cute! I'm the total opposite. I am an excellent napper and take total advantage of my son's naps. It's a blessing and a curse because really I should be doing other things!