Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Well Happy Sunday all! So, church was great! Getting to church? Not so is it that the time I think "Yes, this is going to be THE Sunday that we make it..on time...and all of us happy" it turns out to be the time that I end up fussing too much with my bangs because my hairdresser did this to them:
Hi, I'm five and I cut my own bangs!
(Just say "No" if a hairdresser casually says,"oh,
I'm going to texturize..just a bit..")
And look who's not in front of The Wall! (And in an attempt to find a creative way to showcase my favorite heels I now look like the roller-skaters of the '80's...just slap some wheels on these heels and I am Good To Go!)

Oh yes, I always sit like this when I'm lost in thought..
what, you don't? ha!

Yes, Hands in Pockets and NO signs of disjointed wrists..
Am I actually getting the hang of this?!

Sigh...maybe not. BUT, only one wrist is out of, progress?
(I'm not even going to address the half-closed goon eyes..)
For those just interested in the accessories ;)
And this is what every other shot looked like,
my Little Darlings running in and out and back and forth :)

For Curious Minds Who May Want to Know:
Shirt: Banana Republic (Old, and found on clearance, score!)
Pants: Anne Taylor Loft (Old, and found on clearance, score!)
Belt: J. Crew (Old, and found on sale..but I think these are staples in their stores)
Shoes: Alfani (not that old, and not on sale, but Best Purchase Ever!)
Necklace: Made by my Mom (Have I mentioned how fabulously talented she is?! It is actually one really long necklace that I looped to shorten)
Bracelet: Kohls (Old)

It is really starting to warm up here, folks! We are known for our Triple Digit Summers, so I'm trying to enjoy our interim months before we start to bake. Most people are confined indoors by snow and ice and Old Man Winter. We are confined indoors by heat and hotter heat and Stifling Summer.'s a dry heat, ya know...yes? (All that means is that we dry roast instead of being baked in a water bath ha!)

Thanks so much to Fine Linen and PurpleSunday FundayPlane Pretty and WWIW for letting me join the fun!

Until next time, Lots of Love!


  1. I love the belt, great pop against the dark top and pants.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I can't seem to ever commit to a full-on monochromatic outfit..I have to have color somewhere ha!