Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Glimpses

Most of my days I am caught up in the Now, in the Today, in the Laundry, and Diapers, the Messes and the Clean-ups. I am busy in Play-Dough, and Coloring and the Day-to-Day Busyness.

But every so often I get little glimpses, snapshots of the Future. These glimpses are always so bittersweet.

This afternoon was just such an occasion.

My children were finishing up their afternoon snack and we had the music going and my Son asked to dance with me. And so, his little hand in mine we danced around the kitchen. His Big Brown Eyes smiling up at me and telling me "I love dancing with loo, Mommy". And my heart smiled back and I told him that I loved dancing with him too.

Our dance turned into a Waltz as the song changed...and I found myself tearing up because, I saw this Little Boy, trying so hard to match his steps with mine, grown and in a Tuxedo- effortlessly leading me around the dance floor on his Wedding Day.

And then I looked down again, tears still threatening to spill, and I smiled as I once again saw my Little Boy just as he is. My Little Boy. His voice still Little, his hands still Little, his wonder and his heart so very very Big.

Bittersweet though they are, I love these spontaneous Glimpses. They remind me to pray for the Future, and trust God will lead and guide my children. And they remind me to hold these moments, these Todays, while they are still Little.

Because one day, it will be These Days that are my Little Glimpses.

I will forever cherish our Waltz Around the Kitchen, with his giggling and enthusiasm, and me beaming with joy. And on that Day, when I will look up to find a Young Man, I hope he knows that I will still see that Little Boy who once looked up at me with Big Brown Smiling Eyes.

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  1. So touching. Thanks for linking up on photo Friday. Have a great day! We hope you join us again.

    1. Thank you! Thanks for letting me join the fun with you, I look forward to more Friday Link-ups :)